Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review: The Second Half

The Second Half

Author:  Lauraine Snelling
Publisher:  FaithWords
Pages:  368
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Fiction

The Second Half by Lauraine Snelling is about Ken and Mona Sorenson and their family.  Ken Sorenson is about to retire from his job at Stone University and spend his free time fishing and traveling with his wife, Mona.  Mona has her own business and works from home.  She has suffered from depression for many years and is in constant fear it will come back and take over her life as it had before.

Ken and Mona have faced many challenges together with the strength of their faith.  Another struggle looms on the horizon with the military deportation of their son, Steig, who is the full-time caregiver of two children, Mellie and Jake.  Ken and Mona are faced with raising their two grandchildren while their son serves his country.  With the help of their daughter, Marit, the family faces the challenges ahead with strength and a strong faith.

I truly love this story.  These characters are so real and the struggles that deal with are written with such realism.  I liked the fact that Ms. Snelling addressed the topic of depression in Mona.  Mona’s fear that the depression could debilitate her is such a realistic portrayal on how depression effects individual lives; I thought Mona was a wonderful example of this particular struggle and how it can affect a family.  Each of these characters will touch your heart as they navigate their own feelings and doubts.  This story reflects how putting faith in the Lord can give you strength and that He is with us in all of our circumstances.

Happy Reading! 

Note:   I have received a copy of this book from Hatchette Books in exchange for an honest review.

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