Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Novelization by:  Randy Alcorn
Based on screenplay by:  Alex & Stephen Kendrick

Publisher:  Tyndale House
ISBN #:  1414358466
Pages:  400

This book is a novelization of the upcoming film, Courageous.  This is the story of four police officers who go on a journey to discover what God wants for them to do as fathers after tragedy strikes.  Each character is well developed and as a reader you will become invested in the journey each and every one of these characters will take.  Through each officer’s life, there is a glimpse of the difference their role as fathers make in each of their children’s lives as well as the importance of God in their lives.  You will laugh, and cry as the men go through their trials, realizations, and their triumphs.  This is the fourth film, developed by the Kendrick brothers, and I for one, based on this novelization do not think this film will disappoint.  The message is one that is not only attributable to men and fathers but points to the role that parents play in the lives of their children.  I encourage you to read this book, which is a wonderful and touching read. 

If you have read this novelization or see the movie, please comment and let me know what you thought. 

Happy Reading!!    J

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