Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life: The Almost Amish Way

Almost Amish:  One Woman's Quest For A Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life

Author:  Nancy Sleeth
Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN #:  9781414326993
Pages:  288

Ever wanted to take a closer look at the way in which the Amish live?  Nancy Sleeth will give you a look inside the traditions and ways in which the Amish live their lives for God.  She also gives tips on how these Amish ways of living can be incorporated into our own lives creating a much simpler living for us.

This book was very informative and insightful.  Some subjects covered are home life, nature, finances, technology, and service.  Mrs. Sleeth gives background on the Amish way of living and how it has been incorporated into the life of herself and her family.  It was helpful to read how the author integrated the principles of the Amish into her life.  While reading this book I became very aware of some of my own daily habits and decided to make changes of my own.  There is also a surprise at the end of the book:  Amish recipes for you to try!  While I have not tried any yet, I am looking forward to doing so.   

If you have ever wanted to live a simpler way of life or learn more about Amish ways, you should pick up this book.  It was a good read, filled with practical tips on how to achieve a simpler life centered on the Lord.

Feel free to comment below if you have read this book; I would love to know your thoughts.

Happy ReadingJ

Note:  I have received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a review.


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