Sunday, November 6, 2016

Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus

Start Here:  Beginning a Relationship with Jesus

Authors:  David Dwight & Nicole Unice
Publisher:  David C. Cook
Pages:  208
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Spiritual Growth

Start Here:  Beginning a Relationship with Jesus is a book designed for new believers and for individuals seeking to start a relationship with Jesus.  The authors take you from starting a relationship with Jesus to growing in your relationship with Him.  Along the way the authors highlighted special topics such as obstacles, who God is, and receiving Jesus.

In all honesty, I feel this book can be for new believers and seasoned believers.  I got so much from these authors, one of which is to start with reading the gospel of John first when you’re starting to learn about Jesus.  The authors write with clarity and ease; as if they are having a conversation with the reader.  The authors write of their own experiences, which gives the book a personalization not found in others that speak of this same topic.

I recommend this book to everyone who are new or are continuing their relationship with Jesus.  This book will be a blessing to anyone who picks it up.

Happy Reading!

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