Monday, December 26, 2016

To Joey, With Love Review

To Joey, With Love

I had the great opportunity by Icon Media Group to review the true life story of Joey and Rory Feek, in a biopic called To Joey, with Love.  Joey and Rory Feek were a country and Christian music duo since 2008.  For many years Joey and Rory Feek blessed us all with their music.  This is their story, of their love, their faith, and their life.

In 2014, Joey and Rory had put the music scene on hold temporarily to launch a new adventure, the birth of their baby girl, Indiana.  Shortly thereafter, Joey was diagnosed with cancer.  This touching biopic was put together by Rory Feek as well as narrated by him.  It documents their life from before the birth of baby Indiana throughout Joey’s fight with cancer.

I watched this biopic as a person who didn’t know very much of the Feeks.  I can honestly say that this movie is powerful and moving.  Joey and Rory’s faith impacted me greatly and their example of tremendous and strong faith will stay with me forever.  The Feek family will forever be in my prayers. 

I would recommend seeing this moving dedication to a great and talented woman and family.   

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