Sunday, March 5, 2017

Book Review: A Baxter Family Christmas

A Baxter Family Christmas

Author:  Karen Kingsbury
Publisher:  Howard Books
Pages:  272
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Fiction

This is the first Karen Kingsbury book I have read and in my opinion Ms. Kingsbury is a wonderful storyteller!

Karen Kingsbury’s latest book is a continuation of the Baxter family story.  The Baxter family suffered a terrible loss of Erin Baxter Hogan, her husband, and three of their four children in a car accident two years ago.  Two years later, John Baxter, the patriarch of the family reaches out to the woman who received his daughter’s heart, Kendra Bryant, and invites her to Christmas dinner with his family.  John’s invite is met with mixed emotions within the Baxter family.  This invite causes division and conflicted feelings, with some of the family against meeting Kendra Bryant.  In another storyline, Maddie Baxter West, has a special prayer request and meaning this Christmas.

These characters are very relatable and their stories will touch your heart.  Karen Kingsbury brings their story to life so vividly.  This story tells of loss, love, and forgiveness.  I was sad that I reached the end of the book because I wanted to spend more time with this family.  I hope that Ms. Kingsbury writes more about this family in the future.

Happy Reading!

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