Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Heart of a Leader Review

The Heart of a Leader:  Insights on the Art of Influence

Author:  Ken Blanchard
Publisher:  David C. Cook
Pages:  192
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Business, Christian Life, Professional Growth

This book is comprised of some of the most influential leadership quotes  that Dr. Blanchard has come across or developed.  The format of the book is very reader-friendly.  Dr. Blanchard features the sayings and writes a commentary of the quote.  These commentaries are short and are filled with Christian advice.

In my opinion, I consider all of us as leaders.  Whether you are a parent, and/or work in business or ministry we all have the ability to influence others.  I would recommend this book to everyone for this very reason.  Two of my most favorite quotes I came away with from reading Dr. Blanchard’s book are:  ‘What we give our attention to, grows.’ and ‘Take what you do seriously but yourself lightly.’

Leave a comment below of any of your favorite leadership/encouraging quotes; I would love to read them.

Happy Reading!

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