Friday, November 30, 2018

Ellie Claire Bible Art Journals Review

Ellie Claire Bible Art Journals

The Illuminate Your Story Journal is a beautiful journal with a history of illuminated letters and a tutorial on creating illuminated letters.  The journal also has Bible verses and quotes for each letter of the alphabet that the tutorial illustrates.  The tutorials are simple and easy to follow.  A bookmark is also a feature to keep your place in the book.

The Faith & Lettering Journal is another journal that allows you to practice lettering skills with verses of the Bible.  The journal features beautiful pages of lettering and room to practice the various styles of lettering.  This is a great journal to help you further your walk with God.  This journal is great as a meditation tool to ponder on the Word of God.

The Illustrated Word:  An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal has coloring pages with verses of the Bible.  This journal features pages you can write on with thoughts and/or meditations on the Word.

These journals were a great way for me to explore the art of lettering and I started a Bible study journal that features lettering Bible verses that has enabled me in memorizing Bible Scripture.  These journals each offer a different way to meditate on the Word and also offers a beginner in the art of lettering freedom to learn and explore the creation of lettering.  These journals would be a great gift to anyone who loves to journal, is a beginner to journaling, or looking for a creative way to journal.  You can buy these beautiful journals by Ellie Claire on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Journaling!

Note:  Ellie Claire has provided these journals in exchange for an honest review.