Sunday, July 16, 2017

Book Review: Are My Kids On Track?

Are My Kids On Track?
The 12 Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach

Author:  Sissy Goff, David Thomas, & Melissa Trevathan
Publisher:  Bethany House
Pages:  294
Audience:  Parents
Genre:  Christian Living/Parenting

     Are My Kids on Track? asks the question that are on many parents’ minds.  Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan, all licensed therapists, take us through three important milestones:  emotional, social, and spiritual that will help parents determine if their children are on track.  Each milestone is explained through its stumbling blocks and its building blocks.  The stumbling and building blocks are identified and explained in detail for both boys and girls.  Some of the topics within each milestone discuss emotional vocabulary, perspective, empathy, reciprocity, identity, mercy, and ownership.  The authors even include a section at the end of each chapter that gives parents pracitical ideas on how to build on the topic discussed in the chapter.

     I really think this book is a great tool for parents.  It discusses key areas in children’s 
development that are very pertinent.  I think the authors’ give wonderful examples through their work with children and families.  Scripture verses were wonderful examples of how others in the Bible struggled similarly and give hope and encouragement.

     The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is true and I consider the advice from these fellow villagers (Sissy Goff, David Thomas, & Melissa Trevathan) to be very helpful.

Happy Reading!

Note:  I received a free copy from the publisher. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review: The Second Half

The Second Half

Author:  Lauraine Snelling
Publisher:  FaithWords
Pages:  368
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Fiction

The Second Half by Lauraine Snelling is about Ken and Mona Sorenson and their family.  Ken Sorenson is about to retire from his job at Stone University and spend his free time fishing and traveling with his wife, Mona.  Mona has her own business and works from home.  She has suffered from depression for many years and is in constant fear it will come back and take over her life as it had before.

Ken and Mona have faced many challenges together with the strength of their faith.  Another struggle looms on the horizon with the military deportation of their son, Steig, who is the full-time caregiver of two children, Mellie and Jake.  Ken and Mona are faced with raising their two grandchildren while their son serves his country.  With the help of their daughter, Marit, the family faces the challenges ahead with strength and a strong faith.

I truly love this story.  These characters are so real and the struggles that deal with are written with such realism.  I liked the fact that Ms. Snelling addressed the topic of depression in Mona.  Mona’s fear that the depression could debilitate her is such a realistic portrayal on how depression effects individual lives; I thought Mona was a wonderful example of this particular struggle and how it can affect a family.  Each of these characters will touch your heart as they navigate their own feelings and doubts.  This story reflects how putting faith in the Lord can give you strength and that He is with us in all of our circumstances.

Happy Reading! 

Note:   I have received a copy of this book from Hatchette Books in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Book Review: You Are Free

You Are Free
Be Who You Already Are

Author:  Rebekah Lyons
Publisher:  Zondervan
Pages:  240
Audience:  Women
Genre:  Christian Living

You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons is about living our lives free in Christ.  Rebekah Lyons discusses her own personal experiences of her struggles with anxiety, and panic attacks that lead her to seek freedom through God.  Rebekah writes about her surrender and reliance on God through her journey to getting healed as well.  She talks about the realizations of thirsting for God in those moments to the ultimate realization that God is her home.

This book addresses so many important topics in the ways we were meant to be free such as to be called, rescued, to wait, rest, to love, and a few others.  Rebekah Lyons writes from a very relatable voice with feelings that mirror our own.  She writes so honestly that you can see her journey to freedom unfold before your eyes.

I recommend this book to anyone struggling on their own journey to freedom.  Rebekah Lyons own journey will inspire and give you fortitude on your own journey.

Happy Reading!  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Album Review: Mandisa Out of the Dark Deluxe Edition

Out of the Dark, Deluxe Edition Album

Mandisa’s new album, Out of the Dark, is uplifting and inspirational!  Every song on this album has a powerful message and will touch your heart.  Mandisa’s lyrics and beautiful voice speaks the pain and depression she was experiencing during a difficult time in her life.  The words in these lyrics also speak hope and of the love of Jesus.  Mandisa’s voice is full of passion, faith, and honesty.

I loved every single one of these songs on this album!  The song, The One He Speaks Through is one of my most favorite songs on this album for its uplifting message and truth of how we can bring God’s love to one another through our words and actions.  Mandisa is one such person, who has been used by God to speak of His love, strength, and truth through her powerful songs. 

I recommend that you make this album a part of your worship library. Mandisa’s new album will definitely strengthen your walk with God.      

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Happy Listening!  

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Book Review: Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick Up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny

Unashamed:  Drop the Baggage, Pick Up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny

Author:  Christine Caine
Publisher:  Zondervan
Pages:  224
Audience:  Women
Genre:  Christian Life/Spiritual Growth

Shame.  It is a powerful and all-encompassing feeling that can hold us captive and impact our lives so completely and negatively.  Shame is the topic of Christine Caine’s newest book.

Christine Caine discusses very candidly about her experiences with shame and how it affected her life.  She also discusses how her decision to follow God changed these shame messages.  Christine Caine details how God delivered her from the feeling of shame and gave her a new, God-given vision for her life.  Mrs. Caine details how we can overcome these shameful messages in our lives, by depicting the ways in which God worked in her.

Christine Caine writes about how shame keeps us from trusting God and others, and she reveals the truth, God did not create us to live a life of slavery.  God is light, let Him in because He will love you and chase that darkness of shame away.

The message in this book will positively impact your life.  Christine Caine is real and relatable.  This book made a wonderfully positive impact on my life and I feel it would make one for everyone who reads it.

Happy Reading!    

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Review: Attend: Forty Soul Stretches Toward God

Attend:  Forty Soul Stretches Toward God

Author:  Laura Davis Werezak
Publisher:  Faith Words
Pages:  160
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Christian Living

Attend:  Forty Soul Stretches Toward God is a book illustrating ways in which we can attend to God in our everyday lives.  Laura Davis Werezak features practical ways in which we can center our very hectic lives to embrace moments with God.  The examples that Laura features range from everyday tasks to those tasks that can take a little more effort and time.  For each task, Laura writes about how the task will reward you and bring you closer to God.  I tried some of these tasks and they really helped me focus on making those moments sharing and experiencing God.  Regardless of the task you choose, you will definitely experience moments with God.

Laura writes with ease and in language that makes you feel like she’s a friend.  I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for new ways to connect to God.

Happy Reading!

Note:   I have received a copy of this book from Hatchette Books in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Book Review: The Broken Way

The Broken Way:  a daring path into the abundant life

Author:  Ann Voskamp
Publisher:  Zondervan
Pages:  224
Audience:  Adults
Genre:  Spiritual Growth

Ann Voskamp’s book, The Broken Way, asks a pivotal question:  “How do we live with our one broken heart?”  Have you ever asked yourself that very same question?  I know I have.  Ann has so much to say in response to this valid question.

Ann points out that Jesus was willing to be broken for us.  She also states that Jesus is enough and once we embrace this fact, we will embrace out brokenness.  Ann also states that our brokenness serves a purpose in serving others; when we are broken we can open ourselves up to others who are also broken, which gives way to trusting others and consequentially each other with our brokenness. 

I recommend this book to everyone.  Ann Voskamp delivers so much in this book.  This message is powerful and one that will bring light into your broken places.  Ann’s words are down to earth and spoken from the heart.

Happy Reading!